We’re reinventing the way treatments for diseases with unmet medical need are discovered.

Qrativ is a biotech startup formed by Mayo Clinic and nference.

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Why focus on diseases with unmet medical need?

There have been tremendous advances in understanding the biology of disease, but this explosion of knowledge has far outpaced the human ability to consume and make sense of it. This has created a challenge for scientists working to translate biomedical data into new treatments. This challenge is particularly significant for diseases with unmet medical need, such as rare diseases and diseases with highly targeted patient populations. For instance, only 1 in 20 rare diseases have a treatment. And while precision medicine - involving patient stratification informed by genomics – has started to revolutionize oncology, personalized medicine is still a nascent field beyond oncology.

~7,000 rare diseases
⟵ only ~350 treatments

Say goodbye to ‘re’ in drug repurposing.

“We believe in the power of combining nference’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven knowledge synthesis platform with Mayo Clinic’s medical expertise and clinical data, to discover and develop treatments for diseases with unmet medical need rapidly and efficiently.”

– Dr. Andrew Badley
Founder and Chief Medical Officer @ Qrativ

The drug purposing platform

The explosion in knowledge – driven by multidisciplinary omics data and biomedical literature - that is leveraged by nference’s knowledge synthesis platform, when partnered with expertise of Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists uniquely enables Qrativ to purpose drugs in a data driven and systematic manner.

Knowledge synthesis with AI

PubMed, Clinical Trials, SEC...

Statistical inference

Mechanistic Datasets (Omics...)

Real World Evidence (RWE)

Mayo Clinic experts

Mayo Clinic proprietary data

De-identified Electronic Health Records

Prescription and Diagnosis Data

Patient-treatment Omics

Competitive landscape

Why drug purposing?


There are thousands of drugs in development, but most of them are not being tested to treat diseases with unmet medical need.

Out of the known 10,000 diseases, 7,000 of them are rare diseases. However, only 600 of 6,000 drugs in development are being evaluated for rare diseases.


Drugs have been successfully repurposed in the past, but this has typically happened late in their development and not in a systematic manner.

Thalidomide, a drug originally tested for morning sickness in pregnant women in the 1960’s, wasn’t approved by the FDA until the 2000’s when it was approved to treat multiple myeloma.


Systematic drug purposing – starting early in drug development – can lead to identification of treatments more rapidly and efficiently.

The search for all possible uses of a drug needs to start during the early stages of development – that’s why we call this approach drug purposing… and not repurposing.


And systematic drug purposing is now a possibility… with our platform – Darwin.ai.

Darwin.ai – built with proprietary data from Mayo Clinic and nference’s knowledge synthesis platform – makes us uniquely suited to enable systematic drug purposing.

Let’s make a difference for patients, together.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies leverage our drug purposing platform, Darwin.ai, to identify all possible uses for their drugs since their early phases of development. Through these relationships, we can maximize every drug’s potential for as many patients and diseases as possible. Our approach is beneficial to everyone involved. It has the potential of benefiting patients who desperately need new treatments, and it also benefits companies by allowing them to maximize the value of their internal drug pipelines.

How it works.

Step 1. Discover new purposes for your drugs:

Find subsets of patients who would respond favorably to your drugs.


Find diseases with high unmet medical need that could be effectively treated with your drugs.

Step 2. Making it happen:

If the identified opportunity falls within your areas of focus, we can help you pursue this opportunity in a variety of ways… such as by planning and conducting trials at Mayo.


If the new opportunity falls outside your areas of focus, we can discuss about our in-licensing interest such that we can take the lead on pursuing that opportunity.

Contact Us

We are co-located in Cambridge, MA (at Kendall Square – the world’s largest biotech hub) and Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic’s main campus).

You may reach us at:

One Main Street
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Cambridge, MA 02142

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